Death Penalty ... for or Against?

Public opinion is sharply divided over the death penalty or capital punishment. According to critics death penalty is just like a legalized murder. It does not prevent crime. It is barbaric and reflects that we are going backward to more brutal time. While the supporters believe that it eliminates worst criminals from the society and is a step forward to safer society and greater justice.
Arguments For Death Penalty:
The death penalty is morally, ethically and constitutionally right. The society has a moral right and duty to take the lives of others who kills others.
The death penalty permanently eliminates criminal from the society and thus it acts as a deterrence to further crime as dead criminals cannot commit any further crime, either within the prison or after escaping from the prison.
The money which is spend on long term imprisonment of murderers, rapists etc can be spend for the old, the young and sick people.
The main argument for death penalty is that once executed the person will never kill another victim and thus is acts as a deterrent to crime and criminals.
Arguments Against Death Penalty:
Capital punishment opponents believe that death penalty is morally wrong. They believe that by legalizing executions the society puts itself on the same low moral level as those of criminals.
In too many cases it was found death penalty is unfairly applied and wrong and innocent people were executed. The jury decision is unfairly influenced by race and money. The people who are wealthy manipulate evidences in their favor and are less likely to get death penalty than poor.
Finally death penalty does not deter crime it actually increases crime and violence .Statistical data shows that crime rate is higher than in states without it.

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