Obamacare: There is no way to half-socialize healthcare

Healthcare for everyone and Universal Healthcare. These are two phrases and terms that have been thrown around by the public for many years now.  This has also been President Obama's mission since getting into office.  With the rollout of our supposed Universal Healthcare system this year, people have been crossing their fingers and hoping that it will work out well for them.  Those who do not have health coverage are hoping that they will be able to get an affordable plan on the so-called "open marketplace". That is if they can get the website to work for them.  Those that already have decent insurance are hoping that nothing changes with their plans. As was promised by Obama and his administration.  Those who have poor coverage hope that the coverage will get better.  The lower class hopes that their government-subsidized health coverage improves and allows them access to better healthcare providers and facilities.  There are also those people out there that hope the plan fails miserably whether or not they have health insurance.  Then there are people like me who wonder, "How can you have half-socialized national healthcare?"
          I am not sure how we can have some people in this country with their own private insurance and then some people with state-based plans.  Or wait maybe this isn't really like the socialized medicine we see present in countries like Canada, England, or France. By definition Socialized medicine is a term used to describe and discuss systems of universal health care—that is, medical and hospital care for all at a nominal cost by means of government regulation of health care and subsidies derived from taxation.[1] 
So as many of the talking heads sit there on their cable TV shows and radio shows and bash and or support the program no one on either side has come up with any alternatives.  It is my belief that the people that bash Obamacare are the ones that are getting money from the side that is losing out as a result of the new health regulations.  Look at who is losing the money and you will find a money trail leading to lobbyists and PR firms that are out there putting funds behind the bashers.
   Politics is all about money and if you do not see this you are truly living with blinders on. If you want to read more about this check out the book titled "THE LOBBYISTS", by author Jeffrey Birnbaum.

Come to think of it I have never heard so many people complain about something that is supposed to help people. When people seemingly complain about things that don't make sense to the common good of a society you have to start asking questions.  But then again I could understand some of the complaints.  Since most things that are government run are usually not that efficient.  Hey, have you seen how fast a letter can get from New York to California?  Pretty efficient if you ask me.  The government is supposed to act in the interests of the majority of its people not for a few deep-pocketed special interest groups.  

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