THE Power of MUSIC!!!

Okay so not everything I write is going to be about dissent, politics, or the like.  I wanted  to reflect on a thought that came to mind this morning as I was listening to Pandora radio on my phone while neatening up my house.  I like to think about this in terms of how I felt when a song by Radiohead started streaming.  I was downstairs vacuuming the floor when the song "High and Dry" came on.  This happens to be one of my favorite Radiohead songs.  What I like about the song besides the words is the contrast between the verse and chorus.  How the song can be calm at first and then it builds up.  To me the song has allot of energy and just makes me want to sing.  To go back to the title of this post "The Power of Music" I would like to refer to the way music has a power over us.

It is not like a hypnotic power where we are under its total control.  It is more like a gentle persuasive power that can change our moods for the better or worse.  Music can bring us back to our childhood, remind us of a lost love, or just get us pumped up while exercising.  We might be sitting in traffic listening to the radio when a song from our teen years comes on.  Immediately we are transported back to that time in our heads.  We may start thinking about high school, old friends, driving around in our first car, or maybe a concert we went to in the past.

As a matter of fact right now as I right this I am listening to Pandora radio. The station I have on is Radiohead.  So they were just playing a Coldplay song which is another group I enjoy.  Sometimes I will get to hear an old song that makes me nostalgic or they will play something from a newer artist that I have never heard before.  I enjoy listening to new music and giving them a chance.  Some groups that I have discovered on Pandora have been artists like Phoenix, Arcade Fire, Lana Del Ray, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The xx, and many others.  

Certain types of music go well with specific activities.  For me if I am working out in the gym music with a heavy beat and fast tempo get me pumped up.  Music from groups like Slayer, Rage Against the Machine, Metallica, and the likes will definitely get me going. But I sometimes like to throw some old rap or hip hop into the mix.   If I need to concentrate on writing, or while I was studying in college I would often listen to music with no words or very little words.  Classical, new age, some world music comes to mind.  Artists like Enya, and Niyaz are very relaxing a help me concentrate more on being creative.  Good music can also make a meal more enjoyable.  A nice relaxing classical or jazz album playing lightly in the background can make mealtime a more peaceful experience. 

Now everyone has there own likes and dislikes and special music that touches their soul.  That is the point to make.  Music can touch your soul and make you feel alive. I cannot count how many times I would be in my car or sitting at home and a great song would some on.  I would suddenly be thrust into the music.  My feet would start moving to the beat as if I had a bass drum attached to my desk.  I might start playing air guitar and singing along with the music.  If no one was around I might go into a dance routine that I thought would rival any professional dancer.  You know when you here a song with a good dance beat. Maybe it is some techno or hip hop or some trance music.  Its possible that you've never even heard the song before but for some reason the beat has got you hooked.

All I know is that the days I listen to music are better days for me.  My mood is better, I tend to be more creative, and I have more energy.  So for those days that your not feeling it or you are having trouble getting motivated I suggest throwing on some of your favorite tunes.  Let the tunes get you out of your funk.

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