Getting Discouraged in 2015

It's safe to say that 2014 was not a good year for many people across the globe.  Well that is unless you are part of the 1% of the population that pretty much rules the world.  They seem to have good years all the time even while the rest of us may be struggling.  The world seems to be experiencing times of endless conflict.  Whether it is war, poverty, disease, famine, natural disasters, violence, income inequality or other issues. The average person never seems to catch a break.  Okay maybe, just maybe I'm being a bit of a pessimist in my outlook towards the state of the world.  If we were to compare our lives now to those of our counterparts living 100 years ago there have definitely been vast improvements in our quality of life.  Yes, the average person is living a longer and healthier life and we have access to more stuff.  Stuff like big screen TVs , electronics, mobile phones, and more.  The things that really don't make our lives better.  They may seem like they improve the quality of our lives but really they don't.  If anything they allow us to temporarily forget about the insanity that is going on around us.  The tremendous amount of greed that we see from world bankers, oil companies, and many large corporations.  The profiteering off of global conflict and war.  The buying and selling of politicians in Washington and abroad.  It has come to a point where politicians blatantly ignore the needs of the people in favor of corporations and special interest groups. I mean come on how in the world can did the Supreme Court rule that corporations are people?  When you look at this decision and others you just want to pull your hair out and run screaming down the street.  BTW I wouldn't suggest doing this since you may be locked away with the loonies.  So for people like me and millions of others what are we supposed to do?  One option is to take the ostrich approach, bury your heads in the sand and ignore everything that is going on in the world.  Another option is to take action. Write letters, go to rallies and protest, boycott companies, and take your money out of big banks.  Or you can just unplug yourself from society and live off the grid in the mountains somewhere in Montana.  Another option is to get the hell out of dodge completely, as in move to another country.  Where would you go?  Is there anyplace out there on this planet that hasn't been corrupted by greed?  Or do the tentacles of the bankers and the corrupt reach out to every square inch of this planet?  I for one do not hold much optimism when it comes to a happy ending for the common person.

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