Okay so it looks like my blog posts are becoming infrequent again. I have to say it is difficult to stay inspired when no one likes, comments, or responds in anyway to what I'm saying.  After checking google analytics I can see that I am quite popular in Russia specifically with someone in the city of Samara.  So let me say thank you to the person or person in Samara, Russia.  I hope you are real and enjoy my posts.  I personally have never been to Russia although I've been a stones throw away from the border.  Last summer I visited the city of Narva, Estonia I could see the outskirts of the Russian city of Ivangorod.  I would like to visit Russia at some time in the not so distant future.  Maybe by that time I will become more well known and someone will have responded to my posts.  Wishful thinking I guess.  My question as you can see in the title of my blog post is pretty clear.  It seems as though people can see my blog but it is not reaching many of you.  I wonder if it is the blogger platform that is not allowing my blog to grow or maybe I'm just not optimizing it correctly.  Or maybe, just maybe what I have to say is not very interesting to others.  I keep hearing other bloggers talk about finding your niche and sticking with it.  That as a blogger you can't be all over the place.  How it is important to focus in on a certain topic or area of expertise and stay with it.  Well that would be great but I am not like that.  My mind often wonders throughout the day and I think about many different things.  I can be strong and opinionated about certain topics and passive and relaxed on others.  Some days I may want to talk about not being sheepish and other times I may want to just talk about music or food.  Speaking of I think a day without good music and excellent healthy food is a day not worth getting up for.  Enough said from me today.  For now I'm going to post a random coupon from a sporting goods store here in the United States.  Just to see what happens.  I will follow that up with some random hash tags just for fun. 
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