I finally may have figured out my cure for Happiness!!!

What are you for real?  Did I really find the cure for happiness... .Maybe this is what it is all about:

Mugsy Blogger the Happy Mug

Oh yes that is my friend Mugsy and he is all about making me happy while I enjoy my morning and afternoon tea.  And yes that is his ride in the background.  Lets just say he likes to have the wind blowing through his handle as he travels down the twisty back roads.  For those of you who have a keen eye you may have noticed that Mugsy is sitting on a special coaster from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. OK, wait a minute didn't he open up this article by mentioning the cure for happiness?  Well yes you would be correct in saying that, and yes I am getting a little bit away from the topic on hand.  But as my father always said a good story is worth telling even if it takes you a while to get to the point.  If you read my blog recently you would see that I talked about K.I.S.S. , you know Keep It Simple Stupid.  Well one of my keys to happiness is being able to brush myself off and get back up.  Realizing that whatever is irking me at that moment it is only temporary.  For example I shouldn't let the parking ticket I received this morning dictate my mood for the rest of the day.  It happened I got upset, I pleaded my case, and it is what it is.  Now there is a phrase that sometimes irks people.  "It is what it is", is not a defeatist way of giving in or showing that you don't care enough to speak up.  To me it is the first step in accepting something for what it is and nothing more.  Sometimes though I have to acknowledge that things we are asked to accept can be pretty daunting at times.  Another key to happiness is listening to your favorite music everyday and listening to it loud.  Just remember "When in Rome" listen to "The Promise."  Now my final cure for happiness is to find something in this crazy world that truly makes you happy.  It may just be one thing or possibly there are many things that float your boat.  Whatever it is make sure you embrace it and put your hear and soul into it.  One example I have of something that makes me happy is traveling.  Not just the act of traveling but the planning and excitement that leads up to traveling.  And it doesn't matter if it is a trip far or near when I combine music, good company and traveling out on the open road I am most extremely at my happiest.  So what do you say lets get out there and share our cures for happiness.  Oh, wait, just one second. What did he say? That sort of doesn't make any sense. Wouldn't a cure for happiness actually end your happiness?  At this I have to say sit down smart ass and just enjoy the ride.  

Where am I? Answer and you win my approval.

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KISS : Keep It Simple Stupid

That's right Keep It Simple Stupid or you can interchange that with Silly if the word stupid bothers you.  This acronym is just a reminder that life doesn't have to be all that complicated.  If you really think about it life is best taken with a grain of salt.  We need to take life seriously but so much that we forget to enjoy the simple things. Here are some things that everyone should do on a daily basis:

  • Tell someone that you love them
  • Give someone a hug (30 second minimum)
  • Smile
  • Meditate even if it's only for a short time
  • Exercise for at least 10 minutes every day
  • Watch or read something that makes you laugh
  • Take a brisk walk
  • Sit outside in the sun
  • Eat a piece of fruit
  • Drink several glasses of water
  • Love yourself
I'm sure there are plenty of other things that can be added to this list and maybe some you would like to share your own tips.  I welcome any suggestions, advice, or feedback.  

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