KISS : Keep It Simple Stupid

That's right Keep It Simple Stupid or you can interchange that with Silly if the word stupid bothers you.  This acronym is just a reminder that life doesn't have to be all that complicated.  If you really think about it life is best taken with a grain of salt.  We need to take life seriously but so much that we forget to enjoy the simple things. Here are some things that everyone should do on a daily basis:

  • Tell someone that you love them
  • Give someone a hug (30 second minimum)
  • Smile
  • Meditate even if it's only for a short time
  • Exercise for at least 10 minutes every day
  • Watch or read something that makes you laugh
  • Take a brisk walk
  • Sit outside in the sun
  • Eat a piece of fruit
  • Drink several glasses of water
  • Love yourself
I'm sure there are plenty of other things that can be added to this list and maybe some you would like to share your own tips.  I welcome any suggestions, advice, or feedback.  

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