Let's Go to the Beach for Christmas.... no seriously......

Yah seriously grab your surf board, towel, beach chair, and radio and lets head down to the beach.  I am pretty sure the water temperature is not that cold yet.  Isn't it pretty cool that it was almost 70 degrees F the other day in NYC?  Everyone just keeps talking about how amazing the weather is for a December.  I can't seem to remember the last time it was this warm.  According to the Weather Underground last year on this date the average temperature was 38 degrees Fahrenheit. By the way if anyone knows how to enter the degree symbol into blogger post a message please.  I searched it and the only instructions available are for computers with a number pad.  Anyway so if you look further on the Weather Underground site it shows that the record high for December 15th was 61 degrees F in 2001.  If you look on the site today it shows that the maximum temperature for today will be 63 degrees F.  I guess we will beat the record from 2001.  Now I wonder does that mean that the world is getting warmer?  Maybe it just means that we are paying more attention to numbers and figures.  Additionally you add in the increased awareness of most people and the prevalence of social media and everyone is talking about the weather.  Now I am in now way one of those climate deniers that you hear about on the news.  You know I've yet to meet one of those people.  You see them on TV and you hear about them on social media but you very rarely meet one in person.  You see they hear the word "Global Warming" and they think it means that the temperatures everywhere should be warm.  So for example when NYC was experiencing crazy snow last year they were like what are you talking about with this Global Warming mumbo jumbo.  The reality is the scientists and environmentalists didn't do themselves any favors when they came up with the term Global Warming.  A more accurate description for what is going on is Climate Change.  In some areas of the world they are experiencing an overall increase in the average daily temperatures where in others they may see a decline.  One thing that cannot be denied is that there is a change in the weather patterns and seasons.  It is almost like Mother Nature has a major personality disorder combined with an identity crisis.  Well whatever it is you should get outdoors and enjoy it while it lasts.  I have a feeling that Mother Nature is getting ready to hit us with something cold and nasty.
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Can you name that Bridge? 

Now that's one cool tree. Thanks Mother Nature. 

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