Release the Negative Thoughts..........

While I was writing my morning affirmations and coming to the end of the page two thoughts came to mind.  These two thoughts transformed into two affirmations.  "I let go of anger", and "I release negative thoughts".  These thoughts jumped through my subconscious mind and ended up on paper.  I can only think that they were a manifestation of the state of mind I was in yesterday.  How one negative thought ended up ruining my lunch and several hours of my day thereafter.  Thoughts are powerful and they can have a tremendous influence over how we feel. With this said I come to realize the importance of focusing on positive thinking to transcend our  moods to a higher level of awareness.

I sit with my thoughts for a brief moment and then turn meditation music on Pandora Radio.  I am now here in the moment not back in yesterday.  I feel myself breathing in and out deeply focusing on the words developing in my mind before the spill out through my fingers.  It is possible for one to control their own thoughts rather than have those thoughts control the self.  Are we are own worst enemies after all?  Do our own thoughts get in the way of our happiness?  If the answers to both of these questions are yes than what can be done about it?  The words stay in the moment, and be of present mind revolve around and around.  They must be put into practice at all times.  Not to our own complete fault but we have years and years of practicing negative and destructive behaviors.  We have gotten quite good at anger, rage, jealousy, worry, hate, procrastination, and a slew of other soul eating routines.  Let us replace these with incompatible thoughts.  

  • replace anger with calmness
  • replace rage with kindness
  • replace jealousy with trust
  • replace worry with comfort
  •  replace hate with acceptance
  • replace procrastination with persistence 
Feel free to share some of your own ideas and suggestions.  What behavior within your soul needs replacing?  And what would you replace it with?  Let me leave you with this Sanskrit proverb: Yesterday is but a dream, tomorrow is only a vision. But today well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. 
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