Where Have You Been Little Sheep, Oh Where Have You Been????

It is difficult to believe that I have not posted anything on this blog in almost a year.  I guess what is the point since no one really reads my words.  A comment, a like would have been nice throughout the years.  Maybe it is this damn URL.  What the hell is .net anyhow?  If this is called the Internet then why aren't the .nets of the world better than the .coms?  Maybe during the .com era they became sexier than a .net.  Does it really matter anyway?  The whole game is rigged, fixed, bamboozled, in the favor of a few and mighty.  The political system if you could even call it political is a joke.  The whole thing is rigged.  We are to believe that we actually have a choice and that our rulers actually rule for us the people.  That is the biggest lie told since the Nazis told the Jews they were going into shower rooms.  The absolute monarchy could no longer exist.  The feudal system needed to be re-branded and re-packaged in order to be made more palatable.  We have been fed lies upon more lies and then more.  It is to that point where they do not even care if the veil is lifted.  Because those who we see in power are not truly the ones with it.  They are puppets putting on a show for us to consume.   We are all slaves to the system. Nothing will ever change until the system cannibalizes itself out of existence.  By then it will be too late and nothing will matter. No deity, no person, no amount of riches, there is no hope.